Mixing Technology

The mixing of different bulk material components is becoming an increasingly important process particularly in the building materials industry. Plant operators worldwide turn to Claudius Peters (CP) as a partner to deliver solutions from single mixers to the planning and engineering of complete systems.

Whether you are looking for a continuous mixing process or batch operation, CP can provide both systems. Whatever process is preferred, the mixing quality is the decisive factor. For example how will you receive a customised finished product and how will the system be equipped and engineered to meet your requirements?

Based on our experience, our Technical Centre (Technikum) specialists will find solutions to these and other questions.  CP  have the latest pilot systems and a database holding information on the results of more than 12,000 bulk material examinations.
For example, conducting field tests of mixing times, qualities and the use of different basic materials with a mixer will generate all the basic information to provide an investment decision.