Pneumatic conveying has always been acceptable means for transporting fine materials from one location to the other. From a positive point of view, the initial investment and maintenance costs are typically lower when compared to mechanical conveying systems. However, the energy consumption for the air supply on conventional pneumatic systems is considerably higher than other options power requirements.

The Claudius Peters FLUIDCON system utilizes the advantages of typical pneumatic conveying at considerably lower energy requirements.

FLUIDCON has the benefits of less power consumption due to the incorporation of the aeroslide transportation principle within the transport pipe.

Additionally, it provides a dense phase system with increased bulk material load. Depending on the transport pipe routing, the new Claudius Peters FLUIDCON system can substantially reduce power consumption. FLUIDCON system can be used to convey all fine bulk solids which can be fluidised with low air velocities, and expands homogeneously during the process.