Bulk materials handling team race against Porsche

A team of top bulk materials handling engineers from Claudius Peters (CP) joined forces to assemble a company sailing team this year to race against the sports teams of many other leading companies at the German Open Offshore Sailing Championships. The race will take place in the Baltic Sea, off the shore of Heiligenhafen in October 2012.

The crew comprises six colleagues from different departments based at CP’s head office in Buxtehude, Germany, all of them with a knowledge and love for sailing in the open seas. Most weekends and evenings is spent training for the Regatta in preparation for the gusty October weather. Highly motivated, the sailing team is proud to represent the company, professionally and with good team spirit.

The CP Sailing team will be competing against other well-known German company teams, such as Dräger and Porsche, also including several Claudius Peters clients notably EON and VATTENFALL.

Crew members

Jörg Wille, Sales Manager Clinker Cooler (Helmsman, Tactics)
Ingo Krause, Project Manager (Maintrimmer, Tactics)
Thorsten Nagel, Lead Engineer (Mastman)
Lars Röttger, Sales Manager Gypsum (Genoatrimmer, Tactics)
Klaus Suhr, Head of - IT (Pitman)
Harm Gerken, Engineer (Bowman)

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