More Claudius Peters Silos for PT Semen Padang

Claudius Peters Projects was awarded a contract last month from PT Semen Padang to supply two new Cement Storage Silos for their new Indarung VI plant. PT Semen Padang was established in 1910 and is the oldest cement plant in Indonesia. For some years PT Semen Padang has been part of the PT Semen Gresik Group, which was renamed early last year to PT Semen Indonesia.

The scope of supply comprises two storage silos type IC with Inspection Chamber, each with a diameter of 20m and a volume of 9000 m³. The two silos are to be placed on two rail tracks in line with four existing and well proven Claudius Peters IC Silos, which were supplied in the 1990’s. From each silo, three rail cars from two trains are loaded by mobile loaders. The new project required Claudius Peters' expertise and solution based approach considering the two new silos will be placed on rail tracks with different radius curves.

The Indarung VI plant which is expected to commence operation in the second half of 2016, will also be equipped with two new Packing Plants, also from Claudius Peters.

Existing Claudius Peters IC Silos at PT Semen Padang

About Claudius Peters…

For more than a century, Claudius Peters has been producing innovative materials handling and processing systems for the global cement & gypsum, iron & steel and alumina industries. The company’s aerospace division manufactures aircraft stringers, several kilometres are found in every Airbus built. Established in 1906, Claudius Peters was a member of the British Babcock group from the mid-20th century, until being acquired by Langley in 2001. The company is headquartered near Hamburg, in Germany.