Complete Plant & System Solutions

Claudius Peters are well equipped to supply all the main aspects of a turnkey plant and the necessary components relating to ‘dispatch’.

Beside our silos and pneumatic bulk transport know-how (silo and pneumatic systems), Claudius Peters can deliver projects that include the following machine components:

PACPAL Roto Fill

PACPAL In-Line Fill

PACPAL Bag Applicator

PACPAL Palletizer

PACPAL Bag Loader

PACPAL Automatic Truck Loader

PACPAL Big Bag Fill

Bulk loading head and/or mobile loader for truck with or without filter unit

Other semi-automatic or manual Bag Loader for truck´s and train´s

Automatic Bag Loader for truck´s, train´s and ship´s

Automatic Stretch Hooding, Stretch Wrapping, Shrink Hooding, Shrink Wrapping Lines for applications:

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