R&D Center

Claudius Peters continues to remain at the forefront of materials handling and processing technology by maintaining in-house a substantial manufacturing facility and a vigorous research, development and test program at headquarters Technikum (R&D Center) in Germany.

Our Technikum has proven the characteristics of approximately 13,000 different bulk materials.

Specific testing on the filling parameters of different materials is undertaken at the Technikum, which includes a state of the art laboratory.

This data obtained guarantees a practical and optimal solution during the planning phase of a packing plant.

Furthermore, the Technikum is well-equipped with test stations to examine the aeration properties of paper bags.

Continuous development is what makes Claudius Peters the ideal partner for packing and dispatch plants.

Don't hesitate to contact us – Our goal is to use our long term experience for all our customers on the global market.

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