Plant View

What if you could virtually walk through your existing plant? Or if you could find your documentation via 360˚ digital images? What if you were able to share and discuss issues online with any partner anywhere? Since 2014 Claudius Peters has been developing and enhancing CP Plant View, which enables 360˚ plant views and tours. With a similar functionality to Google’s Street View, this facility is integrated into plant documentation, following erection and commissioning. CP Plant View can also be integrated with CP Portal, allowing you to ‘walk’ through your plant then enter the CP Portal for the documentation and extended information. This module can also be developed for existing plants and installations. CP Plant View can be shown virtually on a smartphone. According to one customer, “This type of plant tour is perfect for our maintenance personnel. Our colleagues can orientate themselves via images and easily find the required information on the CP Portal.”

The name Claudius Peters has been synonymous with the global cement and gypsum industry for over a century. Founded in 1906, the eponymous company became part-owned by the British Babcock organization in the 1950’s and was owned by them outright from the 1970’s until being acquired by Langley Holdings PLC ( in 2002.

Today the Claudius Peters group also serves the alumina and global steel industries. Claudius Peters has subsidiaries in the United States, Brazil, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Romania, India, Singapore and China and employs over 580 people worldwide.