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Remote assistance. No matter where you are in the world.

CP Live Support consists of an App and an internet-based service platform. It gives you the opportunity to have service, inspection and maintenance of your Claudius Peters equipment carried out remotely by our experts. As customer satisfaction is our  priority, how can fast, reliable and expert service be urgently provided when service personnel are not immediately available?

The video-based service system enables simplified communication between one or more Claudius Peters' experts and the operator in the field via a live stream, even over long distances. 

Live Support can be used via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets or by using smartglasses. 

Simply install the CP Live App on your devices so that the service platform can be accessed. The Claudius Peters expert can be connected live from a remote location and can then help the operator on site at a machine to diagnose and solve problems and carry out an inspection or maintenance. The customer can analyse the fault together with Claudius Peters in real time to reach a solution. 

Download your CP Live app today. 

Easy and secure

Access to CP Live Support is quick and easy via any mobile device, but also via any PC. 

If the joint problem analysis shows that spare parts are needed, they are quickly verified and can be offered and supplied accordingly.

The CP Live Service Platform is completely web-based without any additional software installation. As these are often data-sensitive processes, the entire connection is SSL-encoded and protected by passwords. The system runs on German servers.

CP Live Support with a smartphone or tablet

The support process starts by contacting the CPP service expert responsible for troubleshooting (customer.support@claudiuspeters.com).  Select your  CP LIVE SUPPORT App  (free of charge in the Google Play Store & AppStore) on your smartphone or tablet. A session number will appear which you will give to your CP service expert. The session is automatically started with this session number.

The Claudius Peters service expert sees on his screen the picture that your service technician or operator takes with his smartphone or tablet and can provide remote assistance. No matter where you are in the world.

A host of benefits beyond clear image transmission

Clear audio transmission
CP Live Support not only enables clear image transmission, the App also transmits the sound so that the expert can talk to the person on site. This allows the CP expert to provide remote assistance to the person on site and give important advice and recommendations. He can also send messages from his PC to the display of the Smart Device. For example, by marking a point in the field of vision of the person on site.

HD-quality photos
With a Smart Device or smartglasses you can also take HD quality photos.

The entire stream can be recorded, if required, and can be retrieved at any time later.
But what if further experts need to be consulted? No problem!

Unlimited number of participants and integrated language programme in over 140 versions
CP Live Support allows the connection of further participants from all over the world. Language barriers, especially between international participants, are overcome by an integrated language program in 147 versions, which can import translations directly onto the display.

What do I need for CP live support?

The use of CP Live Support requires either a Smart Device on which the CP Live App is installed, or the purchase of smartglasses equipped with the  CP Live App, for which a one-time fixed price is charged.

On the Smart Device the operating systems  iOS from Apple and  Android  from Google are supported. The CP Live App is available for free download from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

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Your data is safe with us

To guarantee the privacy of your data, CP Live Support also uses the highest security standards.

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