Technikum: The Powder Center

Thorough testing delivers the best solutions

When characterizing powders, experience plays a decisive role – and we have been doing it longer than most, developing our first test protocol back in 1928.

Since that first test – which involved sieving graphite – we have amassed over 15,000 powder samples in our database and set benchmarks for the testing of dry powders. Indeed, for some industries, our test protocols have become the standard starting point for classifying and characterizing dry powders. 

“Setting the standard for analyzing dry powders”

Our experts not only perform standard testing programs; they are also constantly expanding our testing capabilities, characterizing powders for our clients and for our own engineering projects. 

But we don’t just analyze the properties of the powder; we look beyond to the implications for your processes and operations. As an engineering company, we are focused on using our knowledge and expertise to create viable and efficient solutions to solve real-world challenges. 

Our workshop is where we put the insight gained in the laboratory into practice. Here, we are able to build prototypes, and small- or large-scale designs, to verify proposed solutions. 

Everything starts with a material test report

Specific testing includes: 

  • Particle density
  • Bulk density
  • Particle size distribution
  • Flow properties
  • Fluidization properties
  • Wear and attrition
  • Setting times of gypsum
  • Strength testing
  • Climate chamber testing
  • Grindability
  • Shear testing