An example of success

Low attrition and energy consumption 

Our groundbreaking FLUIDCON pneumatic conveying system would not exist without the Technikum, where we were able to test different parameters to achieve an optimized design. So cutting edge was the project – and advanced our facilities – that several students wrote their theses on the new system, before the invention went public. 

Two pneumatic conveying lines are installed at the Technikum, giving us the opportunity to simulate different operating states under real-world conditions and scale.

The test center is not only available to create basic design parameters for our projects; we also undertake contracted research for existing plants. For example, for one customer, we investigated different conveying velocities with regard to the attrition of material. 

Two conveying lines of this type, but different diameter are installed at the Technical Center, giving us the oppourtunity to stimulate different operating states in real scale.