Anti Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Reviewed 11 December 2019

The statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Langley Holdings plc is a diverse, privately owned engineering and industrial group based in the UK with principal operating divisions located in Germany and France and more than 80 subsidiaries worldwide. The group's companies produce equipment ranging from electrical systems for data centres, machinery for cement and steel plants to food packaging lines, automotive welding equipment and printing presses.

Our long standing Group philosophy commits us to carrying out our business with the utmost integrity and to the highest ethical standards. It follows that modern slavery is not knowingly tolerated within our business dealings either with suppliers or customers.

Over 90% of our manufacturing is carried out in the Western Europe and North America and our supply chain is predominantly in the same regions. What we do purchase or subcontract is subject stringent quality control and traceability. We sell highly engineered equipment to Industrial customers. 80% of them are located in Western Europe, North America and Australasia. Modern slavery is not prevalent in the markets and industries in which we operate.

Having reviewed the Global Slavery Index 2019 we are confident that the overall risk of our exposure to modern slavery is low. We will continue run the business in a manner proportionate to our perceived risk and in high risk countries where we do have customers and/or suppliers we seek specific assurances with regard to their own working practices. If we have cause for concern we will take appropriate action. This ultimately may result in severing relationships with entities that do not meet the necessary standards.