Silo Modification

Claudius Peters mixing silo solutions enable plant operators to achieve low discharge variations within raw meal mixtures, improving product quality and optimizing a key part of the processing chain.

Silo air flow controller - AFC

For all silos, which do not have an expansion chamber technology, it comes with high filling conditions to the problem that aeration air cannot escape by the material column. The consequence is a to high fluidization of the material and fluctuating pressure conditions at the outlet. This leads frequently to a pulsating material discharge.

Storage silo CC

The storage silo CC is a silo type for fluidizable mineral bulk materials.

CC stands for “conventional cone" silo which is, in general, designed for silo diameters of 6 – 14 m. Standard aeration bottoms 3,5m, 5,5m and 7,5m are available.

Silo Aeration Modification

Conversion SET for Claudius Peters Silos with mechanical air distribution systems.

Claudius Peters Silos of former construction types have been equipped with an air distributing system with motorized rotating distributor. Modern Claudius Peters Silo aeration bottoms are equipped with air distribution systems controlled by electro-pneumatically actuated intermediate flaps with position indication.