Technikum: The Playground

Pneumatic conveying and FLUIDCON

The Technikum provides you with the opportunity to test pneumatic conveying application in real-world conditions and scale, while varying the length and diameter of the pipeline, and the velocity of the powder. 

After testing over 15,000 samples of dry powders, in most cases we are able to provide the optimum settings for pneumatic conveying applications simply by consulting our extensive database. However, if needed, we can undertake tests of all kinds of pneumatic conveying equipment at the Technikum.

With conveying lengths from a few meters up to 5000m, we are able to study all of the options – exploring new ground and providing innovative solutions, when required. The target is always to find the best solution for your operation.

The test center is not only available to create basic design parameters for our projects; we also undertake contracted research for existing plants. For example, for one customer, we investigated different conveying velocities with regard to the attrition of material. 

Cross section of X-Pump