Claudius Peters Clinker Cooler - ETA Cooler

After 50 years experience in conventional grate coolers Claudius Peters continues to develop latest generation clinker coolers to excel over and above the features of older clinker cooler technologies. 

The Claudius Peters ETA cooler represents the 5th Generation of Clinker Coolers.  Worldwide it is considered to be the most technically advanced clinker cooler available today, reaching clinker capacities from 500 t/d to 13 000 t/d. 

The ETA cooler consists of an HE-module (static inlet) in the kiln drop zone and standard units with horizontal arranged lanes, and enables operation with a higher clinker bed than conventional clinker coolers. This improves the function of the heat exchanger and generates a significantly higher degree of efficiency than with conventional grate coolers and beam coolers.

Claudius Peters offers
Flat Coolers – with the Hammer/Roller Crusher (at the end section)
Stage Coolers - with intermediate Roller Crusher

The compact design is a perfect fit perfectly for both Greenfield projects as well as cooler replacements for wet and dry kiln systems. The ETA cooler is particularly suitable for the use of Waste Heat Recovery(WHR-) systems and recirculation (i.e. Duotherm-) Systems. Owing to a high degree of efficiency, and the associated high and stable recuperation temperature due to the high clinker bed, the ETA cooler is particularly suitable for the sustainable use of alternative fuels (secondary fuels) and supports an increasing replacement of primary energy sources.

Since 2004, Claudius Peters'  ETA clinker cooler technology has successfully been supplied worldwide to many leading cement producers.

Moving floor technology
Autogenous self-protection - no transport elements in hot clinker layer
No clinker riddling
Controlled side aeration
Independent lane movement
Clinker bed height of 950 – 1200 mm
Low cooling air demand
Outstanding long clinker retention time
Highest thermal efficiency / excellent heat recuperation
Lowest maintenance requirements
Highest availability
Lowest operation costs
Lifetime guarantee of 5 years (on aerated transport lanes, support rollers and HE-module grate plates)

HE Module

Claudius Peters had supplied coolers for many years with a static grate in the inlet zone of the clinker cooler, called the HE module. In recent years, the HE module has been developed to achieve a long service life with low-pressure losses, reducing operating costs to a minimum.

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