Plant Optimization

Boost plant efficiency and expand operation – a full range of proven modernization options from Claudius Peters.

Your perfect modernization partner
For modernizing or optimizing existing plants, Claudius Peters is your perfect partner, providing concepts and solutions that can be customized to even highly specific situations.

Modernizing or upgrading plant will bring appreciable increases in storage capacity as well as streamlining operations into an efficient, modern unit capable of up to 99% discharge. Retrofitting and updating can increase the mixing effects of a silo by up to 50% whilst at the same time reducing energy consumption. It should be considered when a plant is being extended, or where there is the need for a higher discharge rate or for a silo to be used for other materials.

It should also be considered if there are signs that silos are no longer operating efficiently, with evidence of dead zones, coarse particle separation or a tendency to core flow.