Clinker Coolers

When producing cement, the clinker cooler plays a decisive role downstream of the clinker production pyro process. A maximum of the amount of heat extracted from the clinker during the cooling process should be retained in the overall process – represented by the Cooler Efficiency. 

Claudius Peters Clinker Coolers achieve the highest Cooler Efficiencies with simultaneous high availability and long service lives.

Today Claudius Peters supplies new clinker coolers, modifications sets and cooler components for all types of coolers with capacities of up to 13,000 t/d.

Claudius Peters Clinker Cooling Technology

With over 800 clinker coolers commissioned around the world, Claudius Peters represents a leading role in the clinker cooling technology. Starting in the 1950's, Claudius Peters has gained almost 70 years of experience and has been responsible for many of the innovative milestones reached in the past decades that are considered today as state of the art in the cement industry.


HE Module installed since 1994


Cooler conversions


Cooler since 1950

Older clinker coolers with one or more inclined grates or even newer coolers do not provide the efficiency and operating conditions possible today. Claudius Peters can show you a comparative calculation of the operating conditions possible today. 

Contact us today so we can show you what savings and ROI you can achieve with a new state-of-the-art clinker cooler. Many projects from the past and today have shown that replacing the old clinker cooler with a modern ETA-Cooler pays off very quickly.

Claudius Peters ETA Cooler

After 50 years of experience with conventional grate coolers Claudius Peters developed a modern and future-oriented machine to overcome all disadvantages of older clinker cooler technologies. 
The Claudius Peters ETA cooler represents the 5th Generation of Clinker Coolers. 

It is worldwide the most advanced clinker cooler reaching clinker capacities from 500 t/d to 13 000 t/d. 

HE Module

Claudius Peters supplies all his coolers since years with a static grate in the inlet zone of the clinker cooler, the so-called HE module. In recent years, the HE module has been developed to achieve a long service life with low-pressure losses, reducing operating costs to a minimum.

Claudius Peters Clinker Crushers

The hammer crusher is the standard solution for crushing clinker. Claudius Peters has been supplying hammer crushers worldwide for capacities up to 6000 t/d since 1955.

Claudius Peters developed the roller crusher for use in clinker coolers at the end of the 1970s. Today, the roller crusher is the standard unit for crushing the clinker inside the clinker cooler. Due to the slow speed, the roller crusher produces a lower dust load and less wear inside the cooler and on the crusher itself.

Clinker Cooler Modifications

After 70 successful years in the clinker cooler business as a technologically leading company, Claudius Peters is the reliable partner for conversions and modifications. 

We offer the complete range of services, from the replacement of individual plant components, the replacement of only the core parts, to the complete replacement of coolers.

In close coordination and cooperation with our customers, we develop the best possible solution for the respective application.

Grate Motion Control box (GMC)

The Grate Motion Control box (GMC) is a major part of the hydraulic grate drive of Claudius Peters clinker coolers. One GMC is used for each cooler grate. The GMC converts the master signal of the 'clinker bed height' control loop into a control signal, which changes the grate speed (number of strokes) via a hydraulic proportional valve. In addition, the GMC controls and monitors all the proportional valve functions as well as the grate motion.

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