Welcome to the Technikum

Laboratory and industrial-scale testing

The Claudius Peters Technical Center (the Technikum) offers you the opportunity to test the physical properties of your materials and analyze how those properties will influence storage and handling. It even has its own semi-industrial scale grinding plant for grinding and calcining various materials. 

State-of-the-art technology to analyze any conveying, handling or storage task

Maintaining our position at the forefront of bulk material handling and processing technology requires hard work and dedication. At the heart of this effort, the Claudius Peters Technikum at our Buxtehude headquarters hosts a continuous program of research, development and test initiatives. 

Our advanced laboratory, trial and testing facilities ensure that we meet customer requirements at all stages of the product lifecycle. During development, we are able to comprehensively test new products against operational demands. Every new application of our equipment is fully evaluated before proceeding to full-scale installations. We also have the capabilities to analyze and troubleshoot problems that you may be facing with your existing equipment. 

Grinding tests on a real vertical grinding unit

A key part of our test facility is our semi-industrial scale grinding and calcination station. This allows us to test new products or produce new grain sizes in an environment that closely mimics real-world conditions – guaranteeing the validity of our results to actual operating installations. 

Leading through advanced research and testing capabilities 

When characterizing powders, experience plays a decisive role. We counted 15 000 different powder samples in our data base. For all of them we produced a standard test protocol. The first protocol was created in 1928. We did a sieving of graphite back then. Nowadays our analyzing procedure is more sophisticated, but sieving is still a key for us.

To discuss your application and request a demonstration please contact projects@claudiuspeters.com or your local office

Specific testing includes
Particle density
Bulk density
Particle size distribution
Flow properties
Fluidization properties
Wear and attrition
Setting times of gypsum
Strength testing
Climate chamber testing
Shear tests