The Claudius Peters X-Pump is a high-speed screw feeder which is installed as feeding unit in front of a pneumatic conveying pipeline. This pneumatic conveying system can be designed as conventional pneumatic pipeline system or as Claudius Peters FLUIDCON pipeline system.

The task of the X-pump is to feed a defined solids mass flow into the conveying gas flow against the overpressure in the conveyor pipe, while at the same time sealing the system overpressure against the surrounding or the upstream sections of the plant to keep the gas leakage through the feeder as low as possible.This sealing is realized by forming a plug of bulk solids of defined length at the end of the screw.

Conveying pressures up to approx. 2.5 bar overpressure, in special cases even higher, as well as conveying distances of up to approx. 1000 m and throughput capacities of up to approx. 400 t/h are achieved. It is possible to convey pulverized bulk solids as well as coarser materials with grain sizes up to approx. 10 mm. The X-Pump can be used as a feeder for dense-phase as well as for lean-phase conveyance.

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