Rotary feeder TWA

The TWA rotary feeder represents a drastic change in design compared with common rotary feeder technology. The 500 Brinell Ni-Hard rotor cell as well as the 500 Brinell Ni-Hard liner have clearly higher lifetimes than the traditional rotary feeders (e.g. coated with tungsten carbide). The wear is further minimized by a total of 12 chambers and thus 12 sealing webs.

As well as the long lifetime, the rotary feeder construction shows further innovative features. The wear can be measured with the rotary feeder installed in place. Gap increases due to wear can be corrected in the installed condition and can be reduced to the original size. Due to the mechanical shaft seal the operational safety is further increased. Technically outdated solutions such as stuffing boxes or sealing gas labyrinths are no longer required.

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