Customer Support

Professional service ensures high availability

In a market where plant availability and performance are essential, you can rely on Claudius Peters service professionals.

We believe in standing by our customers throughout the entire service life of their equipment. It’s for this reason that more than 80% of our operating plants around the world are making use of our Customer Support (CS), through which our highly trained and experienced service engineers provide both planned and unplanned service support. In fact, many of our customers have relied on us for more than 20 years - a testament to our CS philosophy.

Product Specific Customer Support

Every LTSA we offer is tailored to suit your individual operational needs, based upon an agreed scope of service, including Balance of Plant provision.

Agreements are uniquely configured to meet the requirements of your application, accounting for access to local infrastructure. Our LTSA scope comprises broad levels of varying Bergen Engines involvement, ranging from effectively independent customer operation to full operational reliance. However, we offer the option to customise service within this framework based on your needs.

The plant owner’s involvement in planned and unplanned maintenance may vary and often depends on the skills and experience of plant personnel.


Training is a key element of most agreements, helping operators to establish optimal maintenance and monitoring routines. Our training packages impart necessary system understanding and technical skills, reducing the risk of major issues arising from minor incidents. To ensure plant stability and efficiency, and reduce equipment wear and tear, there’s no substitute for professionally trained operators. As our customers, we support you in setting up the ideal service solution; to accommodate your individual requirements and give you the peace of mind you need.

Maximised plant availability and reliability

We deliver technical support from highly skilled service engineers. Claudius Peters ensures predictable maintenance with a fixed price per hour rating, and fewer downtime thanks to contingency stock.

Our remote monitoring systems enable preventive maintenance in the support of your equipment. Consequently, many issues can be pre-emptively solved by employing real-time plant data the plant.

Service tailored to your needs

We cooperate closely with our customers to define the optimal balance between Claudius Peters Customer Support and independent plant operation.