Complete Plant & System Solutions

Every packing, palletizing and bulk material transport system is unique - after all, every customer has individual requirements, materials and space conditions. That's why we at Claudius Peters think in solutions, not in products.

The modular design of the PACPAL series thus enables the combination of individual components to form a complete turnkey system.

Beside our silos and pneumatic bulk transport know-how, Claudius Peters can deliver projects that include the following machine components:

  • Bulk loading head and/or mobile loader for truck with or without filter unit
  • Other semi-automatic or manual Bag Loader for truck´s and train´s
  • Automatic Bag Loader for truck´s, train´s and ship´s
  • Automatic Stretch Hooding, Stretch Wrapping, Shrink Hooding, Shrink Wrapping Lines for applications:
    • on pallet
    • without pallet / palletless
    • with slip sheets on pallet and/or palletless
    • with slings on pallet and/or palletless
  • Individual consultancy for special projects and/or logistical applications
  • Preliminary and Basic Engineering for Tender preparation or Feasibility Study on request
  • Projects linked to the complete Claudius Peters Supply Program

The PACPAL series - A family of all-round talents

In order for a packer to work optimally, its components must be precisely and optimally matched to each other. The PACPAL product family consists of highly specialized modules that can be easily combined into a customized plant depending on the specific application and customer requirements.

From the bucket elevator, vibrating screen and pre-bin with filling level indicator and venting via the feeding system, automatic bag applicator, empty bag transport as well as bag discharge, transport and removal system, check weigher, bag rejection, spillage return system, dedusting filter and transport to the distribution system, all modules can be integrated easily, quickly and without problems.

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