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Our Customer Service Manager and Support Team will be pleased to assist you.

In a market where plant availability and performance are essential, you can rely on Claudius Peters service professionals.

We believe in standing by our customers throughout the entire service life of their equipment. It’s for this reason that more than 80% of our operating plants around the world are making use of our Customer Support (CS), through which our highly trained and experienced service engineers provide both planned and unplanned service support. In fact, many of our customers have relied on us for more than 20 years - a testament to our CS philosophy.


When an issue with machines in your production line occurs. Our activities are based on CAPA (corrective action, preventive action). Fast and efficient support in problem analysis and elimination of possible faults, which includes where possible a root cause analysis all preventive measures will be forwarded to our engineering department to improve the components and make them more sustainable.


Optimisation of machines in your production line, we are improving your systems, already in operation. Development of modernization concepts to increase efficiency. On-demand, we will prepare offers for plant modifications to increase capacity.


Training for your maintenance and operating staff to ensure the highest availabilities of your machines in the production line. We are able to offer you various types of training courses:

  • Individual training on-site, matching your current needs. 
  • Online courses (e-learning in preparation)
  • In-house training at Claudius Peters in Buxtehude.

Plant and Machine Audits

Customized audits will enable further potential in your plant and machines by optimizing your processes and operation conditions. Remote support for operational and process analysis of Claudius Peters products can be also carried out by using CP Live.


Aftersales will be carried out by the Customer Service Manager.

We will support you with all general questions relating to Claudius Peters's products in operation. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

In addition, we are offering you online support using CP Live* followed by recommendations for spare parts or on-site maintenance activities.

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