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Everything starts with a material test report

When characterizing powders, experience plays a decisive role – and we have been doing it longer than most, developing our first test protocol back in 1928.

Since that first test – which involved sieving graphite – we have amassed over 15,000 powder samples in our database and set benchmarks for the testing of dry powders. Indeed, for some industries, our test protocols have become the standard starting point for classifying and characterizing dry powders.

“Setting the standard for analyzing dry powders”

Our experts not only perform standard testing programs; they are also constantly expanding our testing capabilities, characterizing powders for our clients and for our own engineering projects.

Specific testing includes:

Thorough testing delivers the best solutions

We are doing powder testing and characterization for our own projects and as a consulting for our clients.

We are not only analyzing the powder properties. As part of an engineering company, it is always our focus to create a feasible and efficient solution for our clients.

Our own workshop allows us as well to build prototypes of small or large scale designs to verify proposed solutions.

State-of-the-art technology to analyze any conveying, handling or storage task and real scale test

Maintaining our position at the forefront of bulk material handling and processing technology requires hard work and dedication. At the heart of this effort, the Claudius Peters Technikum at our Buxtehude headquarters hosts a continuous program of research, development and test initiatives.

Our advanced laboratory, trial and testing facilities ensure that we meet customer requirements at all stages of the product lifecycle. During development, we can comprehensively test new products against operational demands. Every new application of our equipment is fully evaluated before proceeding to full-scale installations. We have the capabilities to analyze and troubleshoot problems that you may be facing with your existing equipment.

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