Pulverized Coal Injection

Pulverized coal injection or ‘PCI’ technology is just one area where Claudius Peters brings together several of its ‘Techniks’ to offer a comprehensive turnkey system.

Combining unparalleled knowledge of grinding and pneumatic conveying over long distances and silo storage expertise with precise measuring and coal dosing technology - PCI systems bring together several of Claudius Peters individual technologies to provide a comprehensive turnkey solution, which in the steel industry, has become a technology in its own right.

In this instance PCI technology is used in the steel making process to replace up to 50% of the coke charge used for smelting, with the far cheaper fuel, coal, offering a lower cost, more efficient and more environmentally friendly system.

Claudius Peters has supplied:
The first dense phase distributor system in 1984
52 pulverized coal injection systems for blast furnaces
Coal injection systems with 15 million tons per year total capacity
The world’s largest coal grinding and injection system with a today’s capacity of 320 t/h to ILVA, Taranto in Italy
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