Headquarters Technikum and visitors centre

Claudius Peters continues to remain at the forefront of materials handling and processing technology by maintaining a vigorous research, development and test programme at headquarters Technikum (Technical Centre) in Germany. The Technikum building also houses a permanent exhibition of Claudius Peters’ key technologies. Trial and testing facilities ensure that every new application is fully evaluated before proceeding to full-scale plant. Application problems, engineering data, risk analysis and quality controls are all part of the programme undertaken, together with courses and training seminars for technical staff and plant managers.

Our equipment is amongst the most reliable available to industry, but we don’t stop there. Our on-going programme is continually exploring the boundaries of reliability, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. Often working closely with universities and with clients’ own scientists and engineers, Claudius Peters’ Technikum is regarded by many as one of the most comprehensive facilities of its kind anywhere.

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