Hydraulic Systems

Cooler drive systems have undergone major development in recent decades.

From the electromechanical drive (1950…1970s) with fixed stroke lengths to the hydraulic differential drive (1970s…1980s) with limit switches to the hydraulic proportional drive (since 1990s) with continuous displacement transducers, the possible operating problems (e.g. availability) can be counteracted with different conversion packages.

The conversion to proportional valve technology with GMC (Grate Motion Control) enables a variable and maximum stroke length during operation so that wear is minimized. The grate can also be positioned with millimetre accuracy for maintenance purposes.

Ash Handling

When discussing the energy sources available for the generation of power in addition to gas and oil, the combustion of coal still plays a major role.

Calcining Technology

Claudius Peters can be your full line supplier for your gypsum processing system.

Clinker Coolers

When producing cement, the clinker cooler plays a decisive role downstream of the clinker production pyro process.

Dry Mortar & Mixing

Claudius Peters (CP) is a leading partner for the cement and building materials industry worldwide. Our vast product range is tailor-designed to meet the individual demands of every client, providing a complete solution.

Mineral Grinding Technology

Claudius Peters is widely acknowledged as one of the foremost authorities on coal and mineral grinding technology.

Packing and Palletizing

A large part of the most powerful packers and palletizers in use worldwide today come from Claudius Peters.

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