Clinker Crushers

Hammer Crushers

The hammer crusher is the standard solution for crushing clinker. CLAUDIUS PETERS has been supplying hammer crushers worldwide for capacities up to 6000 t/d since 1955.

The hammers rotate at speeds of >300 rpm.

The coarse part of the clinker is crushed and thrown back against a chain curtain until the clinker particles have reached the diameter to pass the grate chute.

Roller Crushers

CLAUDIUS PETERS has been supplying the roller crusher for crushing clinker since 1976. The rollers rotate at a significantly slower speed < 10 rpm and crush the coarse fraction with less dust generation.

The hydraulic drive, which was used until around the year 2000, is nowadays mostly replaced by an electromechanical drive or can also be retrofitted.

To achieve higher capacities, the width of the crusher and the amount of rollers can be increased.

The largest crusher in operation currently achieves a throughput of 13,000 tpd.

The service life of the special CLAUDIUS PETERS crushing rings can be extremely extended by suitable maintenance measures, so that today the recommendation for the roll crusher is based on the following features:

  • Longer service life
  • Reduced dust generation
  • Higher throughputs up to 15,000 t/d
  • Lower energy consumption

An additional benefit is the possibility to operate the Roller Crusher as intermediate crusher with air-cooled rollers to achieve a uniform clinker outlet temperature – even with large quantities of coarse grain – and to generate more heat for i.e. Waste Heat Recovery (WHR-) System if a higher coarse proportion of clinker is to be expected.

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