Two Way Gate

The Claudius Peters Two-Way Gate is installed in aeroslide systems to guide and control the mass flow.

The Two-Way Gate consists of a cylindrical housing. Sealing of one outlet each is carried out by an adjustable gate. By turning the drive shaft, the gate shifts from one material outlet to the other. A flexible sealing ensures that the outlet is sealed dust-tight.

The drives can be pneumatic, motoric or manual and are designed with sufficient reserves so that even under aggravated conditions a safe operation is ensured. For cleaning of the Two-Way Gate and for inspection of the gate sealing, the housing is equipped with a large inspection cover. Replacement of the wear parts (aeration fabric and gate sealing) can take place while the Two-Way Gate remains installed by disassembling the top cover or the bottom. Lubrication of the bearings or the drive is not necessary. The end positions can be precisely adjusted and can be indicated by limit switches integrated in the drive.

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