Calcining Technology

Claudius Peters can be your full line supplier for your gypsum processing system. The key component of this system is the calcining plant, where Claudius Peters supply a range of calcining systems customized for each application.

A Claudius Peters EM Mill is at the heart of a gypsum processing system, combining the functions of grinding, drying calcining and classifying the gypsum in one unit. For fine raw materials such as synthetic gypsum sources the Horizontal Impact Calciner allows direct calcining without grinding. The Claudius Peters Homogenizer, provides better plaster quality whilst the Claudius Peters Rotary Drum Cooler will cool the product from calcining temperatures to required product temperatures for further handling.

We can also accommodate separate calcining operations for high temperature applications producing anhydrite gypsum with our flash calcining process or kettle calcining systems for specific plaster systems. This calcining and grinding process know-how linked with other Claudius Peters product lines such as stockyard systems, pneumatic conveying and dispatch systems provides a “one stop” capability.


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  • Horizontal Impact Calciner (HIC)

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IFRS Annual Report & Accounts 2023

Langley Holdings plc, the diverse engineering and industrial group, today released its IFRS Annual Report & Accounts for 2023.

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