Technical Center - Grinding Test Facility

The EM Mill

The Claudius Peters EM Mill is the preferred grinding and drying technology for the production of pulverized bulk materials, such as coal and petcoke, metal ores and other materials. A semi-industrial scale mill is available at the Technikum.

At the heart of the Technikum’s grinding system is the EM Mill, which brings grinding and classifying functions together in one compact unit.

A dynamic or simple static classifier can be used for grinding tests, while a range of parameters can be varied, including product fineness and temperature. After the test, samples of – or the complete batch – can be bagged and sent back to you for further testing.

Test our Grinding System or try new options for your product

If you need a special mixture of your product or a special grain size distribution, we can help.

The capacity of the CP EM-Mill at the Technikum depends on the product. With some materials it reaches 1,5t/h, so this is not a lab scale unit.

You can choose whether you attend the test or just need samples or the complete product

We have already processed a large variety of materials, from coal and gypsum to minerals and ores. Some examples are listed below:

Materials tested with the grinding mill:

Prepare different materials

New markets and new ideas sometimes need new materials. Our test center offers the opportunity to grind or calcine products with a different specification compared to a standard product. This gives our clients the opportunity to develop new products without disturbing the main process.

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