Technical Center - Conveying and Storage Test Facility

Pneumatic conveying and FLUIDCON

The Technikum provides you with the opportunity to test pneumatic conveying applications in real-world conditions and scale while varying the length and diameter of the pipeline, and the velocity of the powder.

After testing over 15,000 samples of dry powders, in most cases, we are able to provide the optimum settings for pneumatic conveying applications simply by consulting our extensive database. However, if needed, we can undertake tests of all kinds of pneumatic conveying equipment at the Technikum.

With conveying lengths from a few meters up to 5000m, we are able to study all of the options – exploring new ground and providing innovative solutions, when required. The target is always to find the best solution for your operation.

Characteristics of bulk materials, determined from sample analysis, are used in the configuration of the plant. The appropriate conveying procedure is determined by results from the bulk solids test and the conveying tests, along with the customer’s basic conveyance data. Once this is determined, the plant can be designed for optimal power efficiency. The required task and the bulk solid’s behaviour will then determine the selection of the conveying mode.

An example of success

Low attrition and energy consumption

Our groundbreaking FLUIDCON pneumatic conveying system would not exist without the Technikum, where we were able to test different parameters to achieve an optimized design. So cutting edge was the project – and advanced our facilities – that several students wrote their theses on the new system before the invention went public.

The Claudius Peters FLUIDCON system offers the advantages of pneumatic conveying with considerably lower energy requirementsits owing to it’s unique aeroslide transportation principle within the transport pipe. Additionally, it provides a dense phase system with an increased bulk material load. Depending on the transport pipe routing, the FLUIDCON system can substantially reduce power consumption, and be used to convey all fine bulk solids which can be fluidized with low air velocities expanding homogeneously during the process

Grinding and Calcining- Test your process- Real Scale

A key part of our test facility is our semi-industrial scale grinding and calcination station. This allows us to test new products or produce new grain sizes in an environment that closely mimics real-world conditions – guaranteeing the validity of our results to actual operating installations.

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