Dry Mortar & Mixing

Claudius Peters (CP) is a leading partner for the cement and building materials industry worldwide.

Our vast product range is tailor-designed to meet the individual demands of every client, providing a complete solution.

Whether the requirement is for silos, for storage or mixing, mechanical or pneumatic conveying systems, batch or continuous mixers, packers or loading systems, CP brings almost 100 years of experience at the forefront of innovation.

The high number of new or modernised plants supplied by CP to the dry building materials industry speaks volumes.  CP is knowledgeable on different material characteristics and the specific demands made on the products,  because experts in our own laboratory analyse such products every day in our Technical Centre (Technikum).  Here CP’s vast experience and research results are combined, to find the optimum solution.


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Claudius Peters can be your full line supplier for your gypsum processing system.

Packing and Palletizing

A large part of the most powerful packers and palletizers in use worldwide today come from Claudius Peters.

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