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Claudius Peters uses advanced technology to perfectly coordinate the control of a packing plant and more importantly, accelerating the operation of each procedure. These complex control solutions include the latest in instrumentation and control as well as process technologies. All control systems can be integrated into existing systems.

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The latest in communication technology allows remote maintenance/ tele service and diagnosis providing optimum support for the smooth operation of a packing plant.

Claudius Peters plant automation & control

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The weighing systems of each of the individual packing plant modules are connected with the PACTRON MASTER central terminal via a data bus that is located in the control desk next to the packing machine. It consists of a 5” monitor, a numeric keyboard and function keys. It is here that the operating staff transfer single control parameters for the different types of product to the weighing electronics. All the functions are displayed in clear text, and the settings can be made online with the machine running. PACTRON MASTER can be integrated into a central guidance system through different data transmission systems. Via the special evaluation program PACTRON DATA, all the gathered data from each of the individual modules can be shown as a statistical evaluation graph and tabulated on one computer.

PACTRON MASTER – main functions

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