Next-Gen Scale-Up Model for Pneumatic Conveying

Setting New Industry Standards

We are pleased to announce that Claudius Peters is leading innovation through collaborative efforts with our customers. At our cutting-edge Technical Centre (Technikum), we are testing an advanced scale-up model for pneumatic conveying, showcasing our dedication to pioneering new solutions.

Exploring a variety of products, including eco-friendly materials, allows us to set new industry standards and achieve remarkable accuracy in predicting pressure and gas volumes.

The success of new and upgraded machinery hinges on understanding material behaviour, ensuring plant owners can trust their materials to perform reliably under extreme conditions.

At the Technikum, customers can test and analyze material properties, accurately predicting their impact on storage, handling and conveying.

Equipped with cutting-edge facilities, including an industrial-scale EM grinding plant, the Technikum models and scales customer processes to meet rigorous performance targets. Claudius Peters’ experts are at the forefront of materials research, advocating for sustainability by recommending components that reduce CO2 emissions.

The Technikum has a storied history of driving innovation, introducing energy-efficient solutions like the aeroslide transportation principle and the groundbreaking FLUIDCON pneumatic conveying system. These advancements underscore the Technikum’s pivotal role in fostering industrial progress.

Kurt Herrmann, Managing Director, Global Sales at Claudius Peters Group GmbH, emphasised, “These tests underscore the Technikum’s value in our relentless pursuit of excellence and industrial innovation.”

By continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in pneumatic conveying, Claudius Peters’ Technikum remains a beacon of innovation and reliability, solidifying its position as an industry leader.

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Two pneumatic conveying lines are installed at the Technikum to simulate different operating states under real-world conditions and scale.

About Claudius Peters

For more than a century, Claudius Peters has been producing innovative materials handling and processing systems for the global cement, gypsum, steel and alumina industries. Claudius Peters was a member of the British Babcock group from the mid-20th century, until being acquired by the British privately-owned global industrial group Langley Holdings plc in 2001. The company is headquartered near Hamburg, in Germany with regional offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

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