PACPAL packer technology in use


In order for a packer to work optimally, its components must be precisely and optimally matched to each other. The PACPAL product family consists of highly specialized modules that can be easily combined into a customized plant depending on the specific application and customer requirements.

From the bucket elevator, vibrating screen and pre-bin with filling level indicator and venting via the feeding system, automatic bag applicator, empty bag transport as well as bag discharge, transport and removal system, check weigher, bag rejection, spillage return system, dedusting filter and transport to the distribution system, all modules can be integrated easily, quickly and without problems.

The electrical control and automation offers a high level of operating convenience for all modules and the entire system, which saves personnel and material resources.

Claudius Peters' packer technology is the result of decades of experience in bagging technology.

The PACPAL product line offers highly effective and cost-efficient solutions for every material and for the most diverse applications. Materials that can be packed reliably, inexpensively and conveniently with PACPAL systems are, among others:

  • Cement
  • Limestone
  • Gypsum
  • Lime
  • Lime hydrate
  • Standard and special types of mortar

PACPAL palletizing technology in use

The PACPAL palletizer are among the most versatile and flexible systems of their kind in the world. They can handle almost all bag products of different sizes, shapes and uses as well as almost all pallet designs and capacities.

In addition, PACPAL palletizer can be adapted to all customer-specific requirements. The application areas of the palletizer include:

  • Cement and building materials industry
  • Gypsum plants
  • Food industry (e.g. salts and other additives)
  • Chemical industry
  • Peat production

PACPAL Roto Fill

The Claudius Peters range of products offers rotary packers with up to 16 spouts and in-line packers with a maximum of 4 spouts. The size of the packer is mainly determined by the packing capacity and the available space for the plant.

The brand name Roto Fill stands for the rotary packers from Claudius Peters. They are available with up to 16 spouts, depending on the desired packing capacity and the individual space size.

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PACPAL In-Line Fill

The brand name In-Line Fill stands for the in-line packers of Claudius Peters. They operate with up to 4 spouts, depending on the desired packing capacity and the individual space size.

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PACPAL Bag Applicator

The Automatic PACPAL Bag Applicator for our PACPAL Roto Fill series from Claudius Peters offers an even application performance with less operating staff. With a capacity of up to 4,500 bags per hour, empty bags can be fed to the applicator head by different methods:

  • From cassette magazines for bundled bags
  • From reel magazines in single or double roller design
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PACPAL Palletizer – for a wide range of industries

The PACPAL palletizer systems from Claudius Peters have proven themselves worldwide as efficient solutions for the handling of building materials, chemical and food products. The PACPAL range includes:

Palletizer Type PSH High Inlet up to 3,000 bags/h

Palletizer Type PSU Low Inlet up to 1,200 bags/h

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PACPAL Bag Loader

In addition to packing and palletizing machines, the PACPAL range also offers all the necessary components for loading. With the Bag Loaders of the PACPAL series, bags can be loaded individually, quickly and comfortably into open or closed trucks, ships or railway wagons.

In smooth interaction with palletizing systems and modern transport load securing systems, every bagged bulk material is transported safely and loss-free – and always individually in accordance with customer needs and requirements.

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PACPAL Big Bag Fill

Even large bag sizes can be handled efficiently and easily with PACPAL systems. With the PACPAL Big Bag Fill common Big Bags, FIBCs and Jumbo Big Bags can be filled cleanly, safely and quickly – with both coarse and fine products.

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PACPAL conveying systems

From the bulk material into the bag, from the bag to the pallet, from the pallet to the loading: the PACPAL conveying systems from Claudius Peters ensure smooth transport. Bags of all common sizes in the building materials, chemical and food industries are reliably transported from one station to the next throughout the entire packing and loading process.

  • Pallet Transport
  • Vertical conveyor for pallets
  • Bag transport
  • Additional Components
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