PACPAL Roto Fill

PACPAL In-Line Fill

The brand name In-Line-Fill stands for the in-line packers of Claudius Peters. They operate with up to 4 spouts, depending on the desired packing capacity and the individual space size.

PACPAL In-Line Fill:

Customer benefits:

PACPAL Bag Loader - Getting cargo safely on its way

In addition to packing and palletizing machines, the PACPAL range also offers all the necessary components for loading. With the Bag Loaders of the PACPAL series, bags can be loaded individually, quickly and comfortably into open or closed trucks, ships or railway wagons.

In smooth interaction with palletizing systems and modern transport load securing systems, every bagged bulk material is transported safely and loss-free – and always individually in accordance with customer needs and requirements.

The Claudius Peters PACPAL Bag Loader:

  • PACPAL Bag Loader for open trucks (semi-automatic type)
  • PACPAL Bag Loader for closed trucks (semi-automatic type)
  • Electrical control and automation
  • Travelling range 10m – 12m
  • On request, Claudius Peters will offer you as well automatic truck loading systems
  • Loading capacity of up to 3,000 bags/h depending on the operator

PACPAL Big Bag Fill - coarse and fine in XL format

Even large bag sizes can be handled efficiently and easily with PACPAL systems. With the PACPAL Big Bag Fill common Big Bags, FIBCs and Jumbo Big Bags can be filled cleanly, safely and quickly – with both coarse and fine products.


  • suitable for cement, lime, gypsum and other building, sand or mineral materials
  • capacity up to 30 Big Bag/hour depending on operator and/or ambient site conveying technology
  • filling weight up to 2,000 kg, others on request
  • solution for 1 and 4 loops as well as common bag types
  • dosing with Claudius Peters flow control gate
  • PACTRON weighing electronic controlled filling system
  • data display for the weighing electronic
  • automatic tare setting
  • fine and coarse flow filling
  • compact and factory tested

PACPAL conveying systems - efficient, clean and safe transport from A to B

From the bulk material into the bag, from the bag to the pallet, from the pallet to the loading: the PACPAL conveying systems from Claudius Peters ensure smooth transport. Bags of all common sizes in the building materials, chemical and food industries are reliably transported from one station to the next throughout the entire packing and loading process.

PACPAL pallet transport – well-stacked transport

PACPAL vertical conveyors for pallets - specialists on every level

PACPAL bag transport - precise in all directions

PACPAL additional components – covering everything from A to Z


  • PACPAL In-Line Fill

  • PACPAL Bag Loader

  • PACPAL Big Bag Fill Type S

  • PACPAC Big Bag Fill Type B

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