Site Services

No one knows the Claudius Peters products as well as our supervisors and commissioning engineers.

Our experienced service engineers coordinate the mechanical installation and commissioning of all new plants.  We offer total on-site support, and whereever possible, ensure the availability of the original supervisor or commissioning engineer for your equipment.

Claudius Peters technicians provide annual service and maintenance for all our systems. Trained personnel ensures the continuous availability of your plant.

For urgent assistance, we offer support with our remote service tool CP Live*.   Customized service and maintenance contracts are available, upon request.

Claudius Peters Technical Services team provide:

  • Customized inspections suitable for your plant and its operating time
  • Site Service by our technicians carrying out visual inspections and doing functional tests
  • Remote Service via CP Live*
  • For every inspection, you receive an inspection report.

We offer maintenance services

  • as defined in a revision contract
  • or on request, supporting you with a fast and reliable service.
  • Our skilled technicians always try to maintain and repair the equipment in the interest of our customers.

Maximised plant availability and reliability

We deliver technical support from highly skilled service engineers. Claudius Peters ensures predictable maintenance with fixed price-per-hour rates, and less downtime thanks to contingency stock.

Our remote monitoring systems enable preventive maintenance to support your equipment. Consequently, many issues can be pre-emptively solved by employing real-time plant data from the plant.

Dennis Schalt
Head of Construction and
Commissioning Support

+49 171 3028 770

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