Spare Parts

Optimization of Stock Keeping for reliable Claudius Peters products

You can never be certain which spare parts will be required for the smooth operation of your plant. We would like to help you with your decision.

Our Spare Parts engineers have more experience in the respective product lines of more than 40 years.

We are also offering you local support through our subsidiaries located in the USA, Brazil, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Romania, India and China

We supply recommendations for the commissioning phase, year 1 and year 2 of operation, for the optimization of your plant and minimization of your stock-keeping costs. With Claudius Peters, you can check your stock level of spare parts after the first year of operation. For this purpose our experts from the Customer Support Team would be pleased to meet with you in order to determine precise spare parts requirements. If you are interested in improving your forecast for maintenance activities, we will be pleased to offer you customized contracts for the spare parts supply. Spare parts recommendations can be also offered using our CP Live* for Remote Services.

Claudius Peters is permanently working on the adjustment of the stock level within our central warehouse to meet Service oriented on-shelf availability for Claudius Peters Spare Parts and Components. CP components are always assembled within the Central Warehouse in Buxtehude prior to dispatch. Critical electronic parts and hydraulic components are stocked for our customers to meet short delivery times worldwide.

Upon a customer’s request, we establish a consignment stock.

Conversion kits are developed and offered to continue the operation of the plant more efficiently (obsolescence management).

Our CP Portal* clearly provides our customers with all the necessary technical documents, drawings as well as spare part lists for your project.

You can place your trust in the Claudius Peters Spare Parts team providing you with:

  • Replacement of spare parts and worn parts with OEM parts
  • Recommendations of spare part lists for different product lifetime
  • Customized spare parts contracts on request
  • Repair of defective machines
  • Long-term guarantees for spare part deliveries, also for older machine generations (up to 30 years) with a performance guarantee
  • High stock availability of more than 75% of all business-critical spare parts.

Angela Fuerstenau
Group Manager Spare Parts

+49 4161 706 563

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