Claudius Peters Technical Center

Laboratory and industrial-scale testing in one place

The Claudius Peters Technical Center (the Technikum) offers you the opportunity to test the physical properties of your materials and analyze how those properties will influence storage and handling. It even has its own semi-industrial scale grinding plant for grinding and calcining various materials.

But we don’t just analyze the properties of the powder; we look beyond to the implications for your processes and operations. As an engineering company, we are focused on using our knowledge and expertise to create viable and efficient solutions to solve real-world challenges.

Our workshop is where we put the insight gained in the laboratory into practice. Here, we are able to build prototypes, and small- or large-scale designs, to verify proposed solutions.

Grinding and Calcining- Test your process- Real Scale

A key part of our test facility is our semi-industrial scale grinding and calcination station. This allows us to test new products or produce new grain sizes in an environment that closely mimics real-world conditions – guaranteeing the validity of our results to actual operating installations.

Prepare different materials

New markets and new ideas sometimes need new materials. Our test center offers the opportunity to grind or calcine products with a different specification compared to a standard product. This gives our clients the opportunity to develop new products without disturbing the main process.


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