Technikum fine-tunes its next-generation scale-up model for pneumatic conveying.

Buxtehude, Germany – 7th September, 2022

How a material performs is critical to the success of new and updated machinery. Plant owners need to be confident that new materials as well as traditional materials, used in new ways, will function in the way they expect however harsh and extreme the conditions.

The Claudius Peters Technical Center (Technikum) has been offering customers the opportunity to test the physical properties of materials to analyse how those properties will influence storage, handling and conveying of materials.

Contained within this Technikum are the expertise and facilities to model customer pneumatic conveying requirements, then reliably and efficiently scale them up to match plant performance targets. It even has its own industrial scale EM grinding plant for grinding and calcining many different materials.

Experts are also able to assist with materials research, to help develop innovative new technologies to support customers’ sustainability goals. Detailed analysis of materials properties has enabled Claudius Peters to advise on substitute components to reduce the use of CO2 across the entire industrial process.

In recent months, the company has been using the Technikum to conduct trials aimed at fine tuning its next-generation scale-up model for pneumatic conveying.

Whereas old models assumed similarities of system dimensions and therefore had to absorb large-scale uncertainties, the new model closes gaps and allows the model to extend the limits of calculation tools, enabling for example, faster and more efficient calculation of pressure and gas volumes.

In years past, the Technikum enabled the Claudius Peters team to develop its unique aeroslide transportation principle, delivering many benefits, including reduced power consumption.

In fact, so ‘cutting edge’ was Claudius Peters’ original ground-breaking Fluidcon pneumatic conveying system that collaborations with specialized universities and upgrades to its facilities at the Technikum were needed to safely deliver this stand-alone  conveying system to most demanding markets such as power utilities.

Commenting on the recent test in the Claudius Peters Technikum, Managing Director Kurt Herrmann, Managing Director Global Sales, Claudius Peters Group GmbH said:

“These recent tests only serve to underscore the value of the Claudius Peters Technikum as a means of pursuing our ongoing quest for excellence and industrial innovation.”


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Grinding and Calcining- Test your process- Real Scale

Fluidcon pneumatic conveying testing at the Technikum

About Claudius Peters

For more than a century, Claudius Peters has been producing innovative materials handling and processing systems for the global cement, gypsum, steel and alumina industries. Claudius Peters was a member of the British Babcock group from the mid-20th century, until being acquired by the British privately-owned global industrial group Langley Holdings plc in 2001. The company is headquartered near Hamburg, in Germany with regional offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

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