Claudius Peters celebrates 40 years of aircraft parts manufacturing in Buxtehude

As early as 1980, the former Claudius Peters Este GmbH entered the stringer production in Hamburg for the then Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm (MBB).

This long cooperation between today’s Claudius Peters Projects GmbH and Premium AEROTEC GmbH is characterised by a joint continuous improvement and optimisation of processes. For example, the development of automatic punching and automatic roll forming are still core areas in the stringer production process, alongside our heat treatment process.

During this time, over 5 million stringers have been installed in Fokker aircraft and Airbus A300 to A380 and A400M aircraft including their model variants, with annual production peaks of 200,000 units.

The high degree of flexibility to adapt quickly to new customer requirements in terms of capacity is ensured by the good interaction of our two production areas – aircraft construction and plant engineering.

Thanks to the short distance to the customer in Nordenham and fast, efficient order processing makes it possible for Claudius Peters to fulfil delivery within one day. This is particularly important for urgent “aircraft on ground” orders.

Our cooperation with Premium AEROTEC is exemplified by first-class quality, high flexibility and adherence to delivery dates.

In addition to the production of stringers for Airbus aircraft, Claudius Peters now offers its services to other aircraft manufacturers. All necessary certifications such as EN 9100, ISO 9001 and NADCAP HAT are available.

To celebrate this milestone, the 40th anniversary was celebrated with a small barbecue for all employees from the aircraft parts manufacturing department in compliance with COVID-19 protection measures.

About Claudius Peters

For more than a century, Claudius Peters has been producing innovative materials handling and processing systems for the global cement, gypsum, steel and alumina industries. Claudius Peters was a member of the British Babcock group from the mid-20th century, until being acquired by the British privately-owned global industrial group Langley Holdings plc in 2001. The company is headquartered near Hamburg, in Germany with regional offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

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