Latest ETA cooler advances make clinker production more competitive

Cement producers around the world face pressures to reduce costs, while also improving the environmental sustainability of operations. Balancing the two is no easy task. Which is where the latest generation of ETA cooler from Claudius Peters comes into play.

The ETA clinker cooler from Claudius Peters has long been at the forefront of industry performance with high thermal efficiency, low wear and long service life. The latest generation takes this a step further with electrical energy consumption that is 15% to 20% lower than previous iterations.

This significant achievement is the result of an optimised design of the aerated lanes that lie at the heart of the ETA concept. These aerated lanes comprise a rectangular frame within which are pockets containing sieved pebbles on which the clinker lies. The layer of pebbles, also known as the autogenous layer, protects the air inlet from heat and wear and is the key behind the ETA cooler’s reliability and long service life.

“We have been able to reduce the height of the autogenous layer by 57% without impacting performance.” explained Andre Vos, Senior Sales Manager at Claudius Peters “This lowers the pressure drop over the lanes, which has allowed us to reduce the power of the cooling fans and results in less electricity consumption.”

At Shanshui Pingyin Cement in China, the energy efficiency was improved to a steady recuperation temperature of 1150°C and a mid-air temperature of 440°C utilized for waste heat recovery, while maintaining a clinker outlet temperature far below 100°C. While operating with an area grate load of 45 tpd/m², the power consumption of the cooling fans was reduced by 0.7 kWh/t compared to earlier ETA cooler generations.

“With the further development of the ETA cooler, we have reached levels of electrical efficiency that are within the range of the traditional grate cooler but without the challenges, such as grate plate failure and material fall-through,” said Kurt Herrmann, Managing Director, Global Sales at Claudius Peters Group. “This is what our customers have been asking us for and we are proud to have achieved it.”

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ETA Cooler. Plant: Shanshui Pingyin Line #2, Clinker Capacity: 6500 t/d, in operation since April 2020.

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For more than a century, Claudius Peters has been producing innovative materials handling and processing systems for the global cement, gypsum, steel and alumina industries. Claudius Peters was a member of the British Babcock group from the mid-20th century, until being acquired by the British privately-owned global industrial group Langley Holdings plc in 2001. The company is headquartered near Hamburg, in Germany with regional offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

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