Wherever you are in the world, Claudius Peters is there too with CP Live remote assistance

When there’s a problem with your equipment, you need expert help fast. But that’s sometimes easier said than done. You may be located at a considerable distance from the nearest service personnel. Or travel may be disrupted, difficult to find – or simply take too long. In these situations, how do you obtain the urgent help that keeps your business running?

At Claudius Peters, we’ve heard the challenge and now have the solution: CP Live remote assistance.

CP Live benefits in brief:

Professional advice on hand, whenever you need it, wherever you are in the world.
Remote technical support for repair, maintenance and inspection of your systems.
Quick and efficient response to problems, minimizing downtime.
Consisting of an app and internet-based service platform, CP Live remotely connects you with the world-leading experts at Claudius Peters. Our experts can then work with your site operators to inspect, diagnose and help solve the problem in real time. If we identify the need for spare parts during the CP Live session, these are quickly verified and can be offered and supplied accordingly.

In addition to troubleshooting problems, CP Live can be used for routine service and maintenance assignments and inspections, making these processes much easier and more efficient. Travel time and costs are also eliminated.

Quick, easy and secure
Access to CP Live is quick and easy via any iOS or Android mobile device, smartglasses or PC. Simply install the app and you can be connected to our experts wherever you are in the world. The video-based service enables easy communication with Claudius Peters’ personnel, who see what you see.

As well as clear video transmission, CP Live transmits audio to allow our experts to talk to your onsite operator, displays technical documentation or instructions, and sends messages. For example, our experts can highlight points within the field of vision of the plant operator for them to notice and inspect in more detail.

When additional support is required, CP Live allows an unlimited number of participants from anywhere in the world. Language barriers are overcome by an integrated language program in 147 versions, which imports translations directly to the CP Live display.

CP Live is web-based and does not require any additional software installation. Communication is securely transmitted and password protection. The system runs on servers based in Germany.

“With the world changing, the needs of our customers are changing too. Increasingly, they are seeking more responsive on-demand service and support, wherever they are in the world,” said Alfred Astle, After Market Director, Claudius Peters Projects GmbH “CP Live allows us to meet these expectations and continues our long tradition of placing customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do.”

For more information email: aftermarket@claudiuspeters.com

Download: CP Live Flyer

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